Catch The Young - Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey (2nd Mini Album)
    • Catch The Young - Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey (2nd Mini Album)

    Catch The Young - Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey (2nd Mini Album) (Platform Version)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.04.04

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     Catch The Young - Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey (2nd Mini Album)


    1. Sentimental Journey

    2. Voyager

    3. The Legend

    4. Always, Forever

    5. 상상해왔던 모든 게 이루어지는 순간 (About Us)

    6. 빛이 되어줘 (1101)

    7. Stay By My Side

    Catch the Young's Voyage to the Blue Future!

    An adventure story of exploring various emotions and growing into a complete being!

    "We have no choice but to believe in each other", the deep resonance of the title track "Voyager

    Catch The Young's second mini album [Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey] has been released. This album is a continuation of their debut album, "Catch The Young : Fragments of Youth," and is another chapter in the story of youth told through their music.

    Since their debut, Catch The Young has been performing nonstop and showcasing various contents. In December, they held a Christmas commemoratIVE solo concert, "Santa The Young," just a month after their debut, making winter more meaningful for their fans, and in January, they performed in Japan, proving that they are a band with global capabilities. In addition, Catch The Young has continued to communicate with fans through various stages and continue to delIVEr their unique lIVE performances.

    Through their music, Catch The Young's second mini album "Catch The Young: Fragments of Odyssey" talks about the various emotions that can be encountered in a long journey of life, such as adventure. Like a ship sailing on a vast ocean, we never know what will happen in our lIVEs. As much as we want things to be predictable and enjoyable, we will inevitably encounter unwanted events such as rain, wind, and typhoons. This album is about the excitement, fear, joy, sadness, and other emotions that we feel in the midst of it, expressing them in Catch the Young's own way. Through this album, we will share all the moments we discover on our journey of self-discovery in various ways and deepen our understanding of the adventure of life.

    The album is composed entirely of self-written songs by the members, which further emphasizes Catch the Young's musicality and authenticity. The title track, "Voyager," is a musical expression of Catch the Young's message that everyone can lIVE together in beautiful harmony, even if they lIVE in different forms. The first track, "Sentimental Journey," is about moving forward with the dreams of an innocent childhood with an upbeat band sound. The third track, "The Legend," is a powerful post-rock song with lyrics inspired by professional gamer Faker. The fourth track, "Always, Forever," is an honest expression of love and fondness, with a bouncy piano sound that uniquely conveys the song's message. The fifth track, "About Us," is a song that showcases the strengths of a multi-vocal band, expressing the reunion with their memories with a powerful sound, while the sixth track, "Be the Light (1101)," is Catch the Young's first fan song, expressing their gratitude to the fans who have always been with them, with warm-toned vocals over a variety of guitar sounds. The final track, "Stay By My Side," is a rich sounding song that contrasts a calm piano melody with a strong drum beat, conveying the message of always being by your side.

    Catch The Young : Fragments of Odyssey, their second mini album, expresses emotions like the treasures we find on our journeys of exploration. No matter what adventures we have in the future, we hope that Catch The Young and our lisTENers will grow into more complete beings through the process of discovering and accepting the emotions hidden within.

    [Track List]

    01 Sentimental Journey

    Lyrics: Sanyi / Composition: Sanyi, Kihoon

    This song starts the journey of this album, and as exciting as the word 'Journey' is, it expresses the positIVE energy of Catch The Young with Kihoon's upbeat guitar sound, rhythmic drums, and Sani's bass playing. If "My Own Way," the first track of the first album [Catch The Young : Fragments of Youth], tells the story of the present about the path I want to take, "Sentimental Journey" tells the story of Catch The Young's past and future, as they continue to move forward while recalling their youthful days of pure dreams.

    02 Voyager

    Lyrics: Sanyi, Kihoon, AIVAN, KRAX / Composition: Sanyi, Kihoon, Jungmo

    "Voyager", the title track of this album, is an alternative pop-rock song with an attractive track with instruments that stimulate lyrical emotions and drums that lead the composition of the song with various changes. You'll find yourself floating like a BoAt on the waves as you let the rhythm of this song carry you along. The song expresses the willingness to sail through the emotional distance between loved ones, not necessarily romantically, with faith, to reach a destination where their true feelings are eventually communicated. Especially in the main theme, the exquisite harmony between Kihoon's guitar riff and San-yi's bass riff, which are played in different ways, musically expresses Catch the Young's message that everyone can live together in beautiful harmony, even if they live in different forms.

    03 The Legend

    Lyrics: Sanyi, AIVAN / Composition: Sanyi, Kihoon, Jungmo

    This song is a tribute to The Legend, a League of Legends professional gamer who is inspired by Sani's favorite player, Faker. The song is a maximalist composition with a rocking sound centered around a fast-paced, inTENse guitar and bass riff that expresses a bold and confident self proclaiming, "Look at how I've come through all this hardship and adversity. It emphasizes the elements of rock in Catch the Young's unique genre of 'Youth Pop-Rock' to express the expanded musical world of Catch the Young.

    04 Always, Forever

    Lyrics: Sanyi, AIVAN / Composition: Sanyi, Kihoon, Namhyun

    This song expresses the unfamiliar and honest emotion of knowing the meaning of life and happiness just by loving you, and that it is a miracle. The piano sound with a bouncy beat that expresses the excitement of liking someone and thinking about them is attractIVE. Despite the band's relatIVEly minimalist sound, Sanyi's trendy and unique bass riff takes center stage and enriches the song.

    05 The Moment Everything You've Ever Imagined Comes True (About Us)

    Lyrics: Sanyi / Composition: Sanyi, Kihoon

    This song starts with a powerful choir sound created by the accumulation of all Catch the Young members' voices, and the song is about telling a loved one who hasn't seen them for a long time for some reason what has happened and what they've been thinking. From childhood dreams to people you miss, this is a song that everyone can lisTEN to while substituting their own memories. Jungmo's unique beatful drum sound creates a daunting atmosphere that is unique to this song, and the vocal parts of the other members interacting with Namhyun reveal the confidence of the multi-vocal band.

    06 Be the Light (1101)

    Lyrics: Sani, Kihoon, Namhyun / Composition: Sani, Kihoon, Jungmo

    "Be the Light (1101)" is a slow tempo song with an acoustic guitar sound that creates a dreamy atmosphere, and it expresses Catch the Young's gratitude to their fan Catcher, who is a waRM presence that lights up their future like a lighthouse on a dark night. It is a fan song made by Catcher and Catch the Young with the hope that they can be a waRM light for each other, which makes it even more meaningful. The powerful but soft-toned electric solo in the interlude makes the song more colorful.

    07 Stay By My Side

    Lyrics: Sanyi, Kihoon / Composition: Sanyi, Kihoon

    A song with a rich sound that contrasts a calm piano melody with a strong drum beat, "Stay By My Side" conveys the meaning that no matter how hard things get, if we rely on each other and believe in each other, we can get through anything. Namhyun's vocal tone is strong and powerful, but it also effectIVEly conveys a wistful and longing message.

    * Album Specifications

    - ALBUM CASE : 90X120mm

    - MINI CARD (QR TYPE) : 54X85mm / Insert 1 random out of 5 types

    - STICKER : 50x34mm / 1 type inserted

    - PHOTO CARD : 54x85mm / Insert 2 random out of 15 types

    - ACCORDION BOOKLET : 320X110mm / 1 type inserted


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