Boyhood OST
    • Boyhood OST

    Boyhood OST


    Date: 2024.01.13

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 15

    Option: NO Poster

    Boyhood OST


    01. 이판사판 - 노라조

    02. When I Was Young - Munan

    03. 깊은 밤에 우리 - 모어(more)

    04. Take Me Home - 임시완

    05. 나가 말이여 - 개미, 이준화

    06. 부여 흑거미 - 홍동표

    07.장병태? 정경태? - 이준화

    08.두근두근햐 - SHOON

    09.농고한마당 - 박정환

    10.비켜유 - 개미

    11. Little by Little - SHOON

    12. 택견 축구 - 홍동표

    13. What Happened? - 이준화

    14. 미행 - 박정환

    15. 한잔들 햐 - 개미

    16. 각성의 시간 - 전찬웅

    17. Splash Ver.1 - 전찬웅

    18. 이건 작전에 없는 얘긴디 - SHOON

    19. Splash Ver.2 - 전찬웅

    20.장븅태 - 박정환

    21. Fight - 이준화

    22.흐미 - 개미

    23. 미워도 다시 한번 - 홍동표

    24.부여농고 교가 - 개미, 이준화

    25.돌아돌아송 - 이준화

    26. 우리의 소년시대 - 개미, 이성구

    Dynamic youth drama Coupang Play Series 'Boyhood' OST Special

    "For all the youth in this world..."

    Set in 1989 in Chungcheongnam-do, South Chungcheong Province, "Boyhood" tells the exciting story of Byeong-tae, an onyang nerd whose lifelong goal is to live in the wrong place, who suddenly becomes the center of attention. While the show has garnered a lot of attention for its unique characters and variety of highlights, it has also received a lot of love from viewers, and the pre-sale of the OST album for the show is now available.

    The OST album includes the main theme song, which is a folk music song that stands out for its nationalistic points, and captures the fun and ambitious energy of NORAZO. OST Part.1 'This Judge - NORAZO', which appeared in the scene of Byeongtae moving to Buyeo and felt the nostalgia of old pop. OST Part.2 'When I Was Young - Munan', which maximized the romantic mood with analog sensitivity. 'Deep in the Night, We ? More', OST Part.4 'Take Me Home - Im Siwan', in which lead actor Im Siwan himself participated as the voice of Byeong-tae, depicting the figure of Byeong-tae who overcame the turbulent times and remembered the times that passed by.4 In total, there are 4 vocal songs on 1 CD and 22 BGM songs that were inserted at the right time to add flavor, including Buyeo Nongo Kyoga and Dae-dol Song.

    In addition, it is composed of a photo book (64 pages) that captures the unmissable moments and emotions of the drama, unique character photo cards (8 types), retro postcards (3 types), and posters (1 random out of 2 types).

    The music of "Boyhood" was created under the leadership of music director "Ant," who is recognized for his outstanding works such as "Descendants of the Sun," "When the Camellia Blooms," and "The World of Couples," and this time, the music is perfectly complemented by the drama with a nostalgic and retro sensibility, and is expected to be a gift for many fans to reminisce about the boyhood.

    Album Specifications :

    * 2-Layer Digipak 165*245

    * Booklet 64P

    * 1CD

    * 8 photocards

    * 3 retro postcards

    Special Features :

    * Initially limited poster (1 of 2 randomized) (A3 size)


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