Quarter Music

    Date: 2023.12.18

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 2

    Weight: 30



    CD 1

    1. Neo City Dive-KARUT

    2. Pixel time -Mitsukiyo

    3. Hue - KARUT

    4. Koi is love- Mitsukiyo

    5. Luminous memory -Mitsukiyo

    6. Water Drop- KARUT

    7. JACKPOT 777- KARUT

    8. Bunny Bunny Carrot Carrot- Mitsukiyo

    9. OperationD - Nor

    10. someday, sometime- KARUT

    CD 2

    1. Colorful Mess- KARUT

    2. Vivid Night- Nor

    3. Snow Pantomime- Mitsukiyo

    4. Barrier- KARUT

    5. Black Suit- KARUT

    6. Crucial Issue- Nor

    7. Formless Dream- Mitsukiyo

    8. Oxygen Destroyer - KARUT

    9. Undefined Behavior- KARUT

    10. GGF- Nor

    11. Hello to Halo-Nor

    Our Miraculous Story

    The OST album package commemorating the second anniversary of the global launch of [Blue Archive] (produced by Nexon Games Co., Ltd. / distributed by Nexon Korea Co., Ltd.) is now available for pre-sale!

    Based on the charming characters and solid storyline with unique anime-style visuals, "Blue Archive" has been loved by teachers in Korea and beyond in the global market over time, and its well-received OST is also loved by many people enough to hold a concert called "Sound Archive".

    In November of last year, Nexon Korea released the second OST package in honor of the second anniversary of the Blue Archive service, a year after the first album became the best-selling album on various music sales sites, which is unusual for a game OST album.

    The OST album includes a total of 21 tracks composed by students from the Game Development Club, one of the most popular clubs in the game, and is available in two types of packages: a CD package consisting of two CDs and a kit package that can be played on mobile, depending on your preference.

    The package includes the BGM 'Pixel Time', which is the first song that comes to mind when you think of the Game Development Department, and various OSTs that embroider the miraculous stories of our teachers and students, such as 'Luminous Memory', 'Koi is Love', and 'Water Drop', which any teacher can recall memories with students, 'Neo City Dive', 'Bunny Bunny Carrot Carrot', and 'Hello to Halo', and 'Oxygen Destroyer' and 'Undefined Behavior', which make you feel the urgency of battle.

    This package includes a variety of goods such as a 24-year calendar, key ring, game development department photo card, stickers, etc. depending on the option, and a special furniture coupon will be provided regardless of the selected package, making it a gift that teachers cannot miss.

    [Specifications and Contents]

    1. OUT BOX : 203x152x55mm / 1ea

    2. DIGIPACK : 140x190x13mm / 1ea

    3. CD-R : 120x120mm / 2ea

    4. PHOTO BOOK: 190x140mm / 32p / 1ea

    5. 2024CALENDAR : 190x132mm / 26p / 1ea

    6. YUZU'S TICKET : 140x70mm / 1ea

    7. KEYRING FROM MOMOI : 68x110mm / METAL / 1ea

    8. PHOTOCARD : 55x85mm / 6ea

    9. SPECIAL ITEM COUPON :85x115mm / 1ea

    10. SPECIAL POSTER : 423x590mm / 1ea

    (FIRST PRESS ONLY/Initial Production Limited) **Separate Gift** *Specifications and release date will be announced later.

    The above specifications and release date are subject to change due to production reasons.

    This product is a pre-sale product and may be sold out or closed early.

    The product may have minor scratches, scuffs, discoloration, etc. due to the packaging/delivery process, which cannot be a reason for exchange.


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