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Baek Yerin - 물고기 (CD Only)
  • Baek Yerin - 물고기 (CD Only)

Baek Yerin - 물고기 (CD Only)

Label: Blue Vinyl

Release Date: 2022.07.18

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

WEight: 12


Baek Yerin - 물고기 (CD Only)


1. 그게나였네

2. 물고기 (Title)

3. 막내

(This is a CD Only product)

Baek Yerin's single "Fish" will be released as a special edition vinyl album. This CD will be produced in limited quantities, including pre-order quantities, and is a seasonal release with no plans for future reissues. You can choose between a CD Only product and an option that includes a keyring component.

Option 1) 'Fish House'

This is a boxed CD with a magnet of our signature fish, the 'butterfly fish'. It consists of 1 CD, an accordion-style booklet (12 pages of photos and lyrics), and a magnet, and you can attach the magnet to the box lid.

Option 2)'Fish House + Youngest KEYring'

The CD includes a specially designed heart-shaped KEYring. It is made of aluminum casting, finished with all white silver plating, and engraved on the ring and pendant.

This is Baek Yerin's first original Korean album since her 'Our love is great' EP album in 2019, and her first digital single in six years. 'Fish' consists of three songs, including the title track of the same name, 'Fish', 'That was me', and 'Youngest'.

The title track, "Fish," is a modern rock song with a message to the self that is a little different from others, and to the imporTANt person who sTANds by your side, and it features a spaciousness that resembles the sea and a unique rhythmic arrangement. It is an album expressed with the artist's purest and most unbiased heart.

1) CD

The CD is a circular box shaped like a fish house. The included 'butterfly fish' fish magnet can be attached to the top of the box lid.

- Cylindrical box (W135.5 × H135.5 × D38 (mm))

- Booklet (photo, lyrics - 12 pages)

- Magnet (W38 × H38 × D19 (mm))

- 1CD

2) KEYring

The keyring is shaped like the heart of The Loved One (the youngest). It is entirely white silver-plated, with YerinBaek and Pisces engraved on the ring and pendant, respectIVEly.

- The KEYring is not sold separately, but only as a component of the CD.

- Due to the nature of silver, it may tarnish, so please keep it away from air and water when not in use.


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