BAE173 - 4th Mini Album ODYSSEY : DASH (Platform Ver.)
    • BAE173 - 4th Mini Album ODYSSEY : DASH (Platform Ver.)

    BAE173 - 4th Mini Album ODYSSEY : DASH (Platform Ver.)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2022.08.18

    Format: PVC Card

    Weight: 2


    BAE173 - 4th Mini Album ODYSSEY : DASH (Platform Ver.)


    1. 걸음마 (get him UGH)

    2. DaSH

    3. toez

    4. DaSH inst

    BAE173 (BAE173) releases fourth mini album "ODYSSEY : DASH" and title track "DaSH

    - Member Dohyun's all-production album, complete creative K-pop group

    - Nine members of ODYSSEY return with new series, launching into global K-pop market

    - Title track "DaSH" "My way, no obstacles!" Declares infinite sprint!

    BAE173 (Jimin, Hanyeol, Yoojun, Moojin, Junseo, Youngseo, Doha, Light, and Dohyun) released their fourth mini album "ODYSSEY : DASH" on August 17th. As an all-production album with all songs written by member Dohyun, BAE173 has made the leap to becoming a fully-fledged creative K-pop group with their new album.

    BAE173's New Story 'ODYSSEY'

    Nine youths with the same dream of K-pop met at the INTERSECTION, and in the process of becoming one, they sparked a SPARK, left a TRACE, and evolved into a 'BLAZE' through growth.

    The nine members of the evolved BAE173 became self-aware. What they wanted for themselves. It is time to leave the intersection and begin a new journey (ODYSSEY). ODYSSEY: DASH is the first chapter of BAE173's new story, following the INTERSECTION series.

    Like Odyssey, the protagonist of Homer's epic poem 'Odyssey', BAE173 embarks on a journey to become the Odyssey of K-pop. It opens with 'DASH' and ventures into the vast K-pop space. The journey to become transcendent in the K-pop world has many challenges. What will the nine members face in 'Beyond the infinite' as they sprint to the end?

    * Track List

    1. step by step (get him UGH)

    2. DaSH

    3. toez

    4. DaSH inst

    * album specifications

    - CARD HOLDER : 90*120mm

    - PVC PHOTO CARD ALBUM : 1 out of 9 types randomly inserted

    - PHOTOCARD : 2 out of 18 types randomly inserted

    - POST CARD : 1 of 2 types randomly inserted


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