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BAE173 - 1st Mini Album INTERSECTION : SPARK
  • BAE173 - 1st Mini Album INTERSECTION : SPARK

BAE173 - 1st Mini Album INTERSECTION : SPARK

Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: 2020.11.18

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 14


BAE173 - 1st Mini Album INTERSECTION : SPARK


1. prelude : with me
2. 반하겠어 (Crush on U)
3. FLY
4. 죽어도 못하는 말
5. 모두 너야

BAE173 1st Mini Album [INTERSECTION : SPARK]

'This is gonna get me in trouble, I wanna love you'

'I'll make you shine brighter than anyone else'

A shy confession delIVEred in the face of fateful love.

BAE173 is a combination of the letters "BAE" and the numbers "1" and "73," and is an acronym for "Before Anyone Else," which means "Before Anyone Else," "My love, Honey," and "My favorite," while the number "1" means perfection and the lucky number "73" means that they will be the most perfect "favorite" group for the public.

BAE173's first mini album "INTERSECTION : SPARK," which has been highly anticipated since its debut, is composed of the words "INTERSECTION," which means "intersection," and "SPARK," which means "flame" and "spark," and expresses the group's great ambition to create the best music with unlimited possibilities and skills by creating a great synergy between the nine members of various charms.

The title track, "Crush on U," is an up-tempo R&B song based on new jazz swing, and features witty lyrics about boys who are unfamiliar with the emotion of love, pretending to be cute and not believing in love, but falling in love while facing their destiny.

'In the crowd of people, I can just see you. You just have to stay, because I'll go.

Other songs on the album include 'Prelude : with me'; 'Fly', an essay by the members about the numerous setbacks, heartaches, passions, and joys they went through to fulfill their dreams; 'I'll fall in love', a bluesy, medIUm R&B track that depicts the process of a boy who didn't believe in the "fairy tale of love" falling in love for the first time; 'Words that can't die', a song where you can feel the members' unique tones and vocals with just a guitar sound; and 'All of you', a fan song for fans who have been waiting for a long time.

"I'll remember all the love you gave me. I'll always love you for always waiting and protecting me.

INTERSECTION : SPARK, BAE173's first mini album, appeared like a spark in the second half of 2020.

We look forward to capturing the hearts of the public with the bold ambitions of the nine boys.

* Album Specifications

- Album size: 220X160X14mm

- Photobook : 120p / 1 out of 9 random covers

- Pocket Holder / CD : 1disc

- Sticker : 120X160mm / 1 insert

- Photocard : 85x55mm / Random insertion of 2 out of 27 types

- AR Photo Card : 85x55mm / 1 of 9 types randomly inserted

- Folding Card : 300X150mm / 1 of 3 types randomly inserted

- Lyric POSTer : 300x410mm / 1 type inserted

** pre-order only

- Photo Card Set : 85x55mm: Randomly insert 1 set out of 3 (1set=9ea)

- Mini Photo Book : 100x130mm / 20p / 1 out of 3 types will be randomly gIVEn away

- PRE-ORDER ONLY POSTer : 515x728mm / 1 x 1 free gift


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