ATBO - 3rd Mini Album The Beginning (Set Off ver.) (META)
    • ATBO - 3rd Mini Album The Beginning (Set Off ver.) (META)

    ATBO - 3rd Mini Album The Beginning (Set Off ver.) (META)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2023.05.19

    Weight: 3


    ATBO - 3rd Mini Album The Beginning (Set Off ver.) (META)


    1. BOUNCE

    2. Next to Me 

    3. Just Dance

    4. 사랑해줘

    5. Good Thing

    6. Just for Us

    ATBO 3RD MINI ALBUM [The Beginning : 飛上] [The Beginning : 飛上] - Helping Boys Soar Higher

    Helping the boys soar to greater heightsClose

    The conclusion of [The Beginning] series trilogy

    The group ATBO begins their flight to greater heights with non-stop growth.

    ATBO debuted in July last year with their debut album "The Beginning: 開花," and in October of that year, they announced themselves as a boy group with solid skills and unique colors with "The Beginning: 始作. Since then, ATBO has been on a roll, winning "Rookie of the Year" in the Singer category at the 2022 Asia Model Awards, "AAA Focus" at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards, and "Rookie of the Year" at the year-end awards ceremony, as well as being named "2022 Choice" at the Mellon Music Awards 2022 as a noteworthy newcomer.

    Having tempered themselves with relentless training, the boys now spread their wings for a free flight. With "The Beginning : 飛上," the final album in the "The Beginning" series, ATBO sings about their determination to reach for higher heights with the growth they have experienced. As flowers bloom and everything comes to life when spring arrives, ATBO, who started their music with The Beginning series, is ready to blossom beyond the season of flowers. If the efforts of the boys with dreams blossomed through their previous albums, it's time for ATBO's petals to flutter higher and cover the world.

    From the audition program "THE ORIGIN - A, B, Or What?" to JTBC's "Peak Time," ATBO went through two survival programs before and after their debut. What they have gained from both competitions is growth, possibility, and a sense of fearlessness. When you have seven boys who are united by the same desire to soar to greater heights, and the fans who support them along the way, you know that no matter what the turbulent air currents are, you'll end up with a great flight. The belief in 'togetherness' and the confidence that naturally grows with constant growth will bring a true conclusion to The Beginning series and create a new starting line for the future.

    *Album Specifications

    - Album case: 1 type

    - Mini card: 1 random insert out of 7 types

    - Selfie Photo Card: 2 randomly inserted from 7 types

    - Official Photo Card: 7 types (1set) inserted

    - Accordion card: 1 type inserted

    - Initially limited physical Polaroid: 1 random insert

    (Some random inserts are part of the initial supply and are not included in the total initial supply.)


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