ATBO - 1st Single Album MUST HAVE (Random Version)
    • ATBO - 1st Single Album MUST HAVE (Random Version)

    ATBO - 1st Single Album MUST HAVE (Random Version)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2023.11.27

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 11


    ATBO - 1st Single Album MUST HAVE (Random Version)

    Moonlight Daylight Version Random


    1. Must Have Love

    2. Mayday

    3. 우린 뭐 없이도

    4. Must Have Love (Eng Ver.) (Duet)

    ATBO 1st Single Album [MUST HAVE] [MUST HAVE

    ATBO's first winter song, 'Winter Delivery Man', delivers cozy warmth

    Remake of 'Must Have Love', a winter playlist staple

    Spring doesn't come without winter. With a true conclusion to their debut trilogy, The Beginning, and a new starting line for the future, ATBO is on a true winter delivery mission to welcome another spring of growth.

    After debuting with their debut album "The Beginning: 開花" in July last year, ATBO was recognized for their potential to grow as a "global rookie" with the release of the "The Beginning" series trilogy. Having focused on 'growth' and blossomed into their own by constantly making leaps and bounds, ATBO is now preparing to grow not just with the seven boys, but with everyone.

    The keyword for ATBO's new growth together is 'Winter Delivery Man'. In order to have a perfect winter, they come one step ahead of winter and sing winter songs. Especially for people who can't enjoy winter and animals who can't go into hibernation due to the warmer weather, ATBO becomes a 'winter messenger' and delivers excitement and joy while creating a cozy winter through music.

    Having proven their growth through the previous trilogy of "The Beginning" series, ATBO has been striving to soar with authenticity with every step they take. From their intensely colored debut album to their third mini-album full of refreshing energy, each album has reflected their growth. This time, with "Winter Song," the group reveals a soft and warm energy that can encompass all generations. You can feel the progress of ATBO, who has always dreamed of being together. ATBO's belief that we can accomplish anything together makes us look forward to another spring of growth after winter.

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    - Postcard: 1 random postcard from 7 types (image varies by version)

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    - Initial limited poster: 1 poster (image varies by version)

    (Posters will be distributed according to the initial quantity, but may not be 1:1 depending on the circumstances.)

    - Initial Limited Physical Polaroid: 1 random insert (image varies by version)

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