ARTMS - DALL (QR B version) (1st Album)
    • ARTMS - DALL (QR B version) (1st Album)

    ARTMS - DALL (QR A version) (1st Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: June 3, 2024

    Format: QR Card

    Weight: 3


    ARTMS - DALL (QR A version) (1st Album)


    1. url

    2. Virtual Angel

    3. Sparkle

    4. 은하수를 여행하는 히치하이커를 위한 안내서

    5. Flower Rhythm

    6. Candy Crush

    7. Air

    8. Unf/Air

    9. 조난

    10. Butterfly Effect

    11. Birth


    FIVE girls who were destined to be together, stood on a new starting line and took the name ARTMS. Kim Lip, JinSol, and Choi Ri reactivated ODD EYE CIRCLE and successfully completed a North American and European tour with the release of their new album "Version Up," while HeeJin showcased her Korean beauty with her solo album "K." Hasle also showed her growth as a performing idol by successfully completing a four-day solo concert in Seoul. After warming up, ARTMS finally released their first full-length album "Dall," which captures the paradox of the blessings and cruelty of love and life.

    The intro track 'URL' is like a ritual to get to the title track 'Virtual Angel'. Like a URL that we must meet to go anywhere on the internet. The rhythm, which starts with Kim's narration and pours out in a frenetic manner, implies the dynamic of the album.

    For the title track "Virtual Angel," EL CAPITXN and Vendors, who created songs such as "Generation" and "Girls Never Die" for mod house junior group Triple S, joined forces for ARTMS. Based on Y2K-sensitIVE Euro dance, the song builds up a sacred vibe that could resonate in a cathedral, creating a dance song that has never been heard before.

    The development of AI and the exisTENce of Virtual is now a reality. In fact, this song asks whether the idols we have been consuming through TV and cell phones are not virtual. The feelings of love and romance for an idol may not be a real relationship in the eyes of others, but between the idol and the fan, the feelings are nothing but love. ARTMS sings that the feelings that arise beyond the screen can be real, not virtual.

    The music video was directed by digipedi, who has been building the world since Girl of the Month, and captures the story of ARTMS and its fans.

    "Sparkle" is a musical representation of a sparkling emotional spark. The ARTMS members' voices convey the excitement of the song, asking, "How many fireworks will there be in our love?" just as the metaphor of love is sparkling.

    'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' is the title of ARTMS's next album, which they have been saving as a title. ARTMS spared no expense to make sure that their debut full-length album was perfect. The song was presented to the members by producer G-high, who created the girl of the month's representatIVE song "Butterfly," and contains beats that will be loved by both old and new fans.

    From "Flower Rhythm" to "Candy Crush" to "Air," all of the pre-release songs were completed by sampling Heejin's solo songs "Flowering" and "Algorithm," Hasle's solo "Plastic Candy," and ODD EYE CIRCLE's "Air Force One. It's a sign that the individual acts have come together to form Team ARTMS.

    'Unf/Air', which follows 'Air', sings about the asymmetry of love. I love you, but why don't you look at me. This unfairness is captured in a simple and cute expression.

    "Distress" came in second place in the ARTMS pre-release poll, but it was the first song we recorded when we were preparing the album. From the moment we stepped into the studio and monitored it, it defined ARTMS' style.

    "Butterfly Effect" tells the story of how the wings of the girl of the month "Butterfly" became ARTMS. It inherited the unique musical style and legacy of the girl of the month, whose genre itself can be called 'Butterfly', and flew with wings as ARTMS.

    The final song, "Birth," became the number one song on the ARTMS pre-release gravity with overwhelming support from fans. And "Birth" proves the exisTENce of ARTMS. The music video, which has already been released, is considered one of the most brutal and beautiful videos in K-Pop history and captures ARTMS' aesthetic.

    The future of ARTMS, who have already announced their world tour 'Moonshot' schedule even before the album release, is here.

    * Album Specifications

    - POSTcard Set : 12 types (1 set) (image differs by version)

    - Accordion POSTcard / 1 type inserted (image differs by version)

    - TRACKLIST POSTcard / 1 type inserted (image varies by version)

    - Insert QR POSTcard / 1 type (image differs by version)


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