9001 (Ninety O One) - I was a Hero (mini CD)
    • 9001 (Ninety O One) - I was a Hero (mini CD)

    9001 (Ninety O One) - I was a Hero (mini CD)

    genie Music

    Date: 2022.07.12

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 3


    9001 (Ninety O One) - I was a Hero (mini CD)


    1. I was a Hero

    2. I was a Hero (Inst.)

    The lonely monologue of a grown-up 'Hero'

    9001 (Ninety O One) [I was a Hero] (I was a Hero)

    9001, who has been releasing a single album every month since the release of his first album, "Heartless Words," in January, is back with his sixth single album, "I was a Hero," the last of his monthly projects.

    The heavy responsibility of protecting the world and the burnout of the hero who always showed a bright smile has come to him, and now he can't even protect his love, let alone the world. 'I was a Hero', which captures the human concerns of a hero, contains a consoling message that all of us who are struggling to survive one day at a time are heroes.

    This version of "I was a Hero" is a mid-tempo pop-rock song, rather than the intense beat that was seen in the concert, and it has a different charm from the live version. The story of a hero who suddenly becomes an ordinary adult who is sad to see himself getting older and wants to wake up late every day makes people in the modern world who have a lot to protect and a difficult daily life relate to the story as if it were their own.


    - Mini Album (Framed Format) (90*90mm)

    - 1 CD

    - 2 illustration stickers

    - 4 character stickers (randomly sent)

    - 1 lyric book (230*155mm)

    - 4 special photo cards (randomly sent)


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