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9001 - 7th Single Album Mannequin
  • 9001 - 7th Single Album Mannequin

9001 - 7th Single Album Mannequin

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Date: 2022.11.04

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 7


9001 - 7th Single Album Mannequin


1. 마네퀸 (Mannequin) 

2. Stupid Boy

3. Another Me

Mannequin is forced to be what others want him to be

artists who want to break free from the confines of the showroom, wear their own clothes.

and singing their own songs.

9001's 7th single album [Mannequin] expresses the desire of artists to break out of the confined window and sing their own songs.

9001, who released 6 single albums from January to June 2022, wrapping up their monthly projects and continuing their non-stop activities until their solo concert 'I WAS A HERO' in July, is back with their 7th single album 'Mannequin'.

This single album contains three songs, including the title track, 'Mannequin', 'Stupid Boy', and 'Another Me'. The title track "Mannequin" is a song that sends a message to people who have lost their individuality by comparing them to mannequins who are made to look the same in a factory. The song captures the desire of artists to break out of their confinement and come out as their true selves, wearing their own clothes and singing their own songs with a texture that only 9001 can show. In particular, through this music video for "Mannequin," Jogon has tried a strong and charismatic visual that he hasn't shown before, and he shows a further development through a refined and impressive performance as much as the change in appearance.Joo Won's walking bass performance, one of the must-see points of "Mannequin," can also be seen through the music video.


- 1CD

- Photo Book

- Transparent bookmark (50*150mm)

- Lyrics 4ea

- Sticker 4ea

- 4 photocards (random)

*10 ISO9001 photos taken with a film camera are randomly inserted into 10 albums (initially limited)


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