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NEXZ - Ride the Vibe (Platform_Nemo Version) (1st Single Album)
  • NEXZ - Ride the Vibe (Platform_Nemo Version) (1st Single Album)

NEXZ - Ride the Vibe (Platform_Nemo Version) (1st Single Album)

Label: JYP Entertainment

Release Date: 21st May 2024

Format: QR Card



NEXZ - Ride the Vibe (Platform_Nemo Version) (1st Single Album)

'JYP's New Boy Group' NEXZ Releases Debut Single 'Ride the Vibe' on May 20th!

- NEXZ, born through 'NIGGY Project Season 2'! Special synergy to open the door to a new generation!

- "The first strong pull" to be painted with their debut album!

"'Next Z(G)eneration', NEXZ"

JYP Entertainment's (JYP) new boy group NEXZ will release their debut single "Ride the Vibe" on May 20th.

NEXZ's ambition to "usher in the next era with music and performances by members of Generation Z" is captured in the group name, which is shortened to "Next Z(G)eneration. The seven members - Tomoya, Yuu, Haru, So Gun, Seita, Huey, and Yuki - are knocking on the doors of global listeners with music that has a sensual flavor.

NEXZ was born in 2023 through the second season of "Nizi Project," an audition program that was a collaboration between JYP and Sony Music, Japan's largest record label, and was composed of members who were recognized for their dance, singing, star power, and passion. Their final stage mission song, "Miracle," written and composed by JYP executive producer and "Nizi Project" judge Park Jin-young, topped the Oricon Daily Digital Single Rankings and local music sites including iTunes, Line Music, AWA, mu-mo, and Rakuten Music on the day of release. The Korean version of "Miracle" also debuted at No. 1 on the Japanese iTunes K-pop chart, making both versions of the song the most popular in Japan.

NEXZ, JYP's first new boy group in a long time, will start their own flow with their debut album "Ride the Vibe. Tomoya, Yuu, Haru, Sogun, Seita, Huey, and Yuki, who utilize the characteristics and charms of "Generation Z," will be making their debut with the group's "Vibe" invitation, which is expected by fans around the world.


Ride the Vibe (Platform Class)

1. contents

- Outbox: 1 item

- QR card: 1 type

- Photo Card Set : 1 SET of 7

- Random photo card: 1 random out of 7

- Manual : 1 type

2. SIZE : 62 x 90 mm


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