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UNDERCOVER OST (JTBC TV Drama) (Package Damaged)
  • UNDERCOVER OST (JTBC TV Drama) (Package Damaged)
  • UNDERCOVER OST (JTBC TV Drama) (Package Damaged)

UNDERCOVER OST (JTBC TV Drama) (Package Damaged)

JTBC Studio

Date: 2021.06.28

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 12


UNDERCOVER OST (JTBC TV Drama) (Package Damaged)

1. 한동근 – 그런사람

2. Sondia&김준휘 – 외딴길에서

3. Sondia – 나의 하루

4. KATIE – Where Are You

5. 고영배 of 소란 – 이 순간을 기억해요

6. 허각 – 하늘 아래 그대와

7. Safira.K (사피라 K) – 하늘 아래 그대와 (English Ver.)

8. When I Close My Eyes

9. Your undercover

10. Into the battlefield

11. Dark Forces

12. Untruth

13. Sunrise

14. Lonely Road

15. A door without a memory

16. The widow’s cruse

17. 성공적해결

18. Clues to the Crime

19. Traces of the Past

20. 끝없는질주

21. A Secret Agent

JTBC's 'Undercover' album is now available for purchase

JTBC's primetime drama "Undercover," which has been loved for its exciting storyline and development, is releasing a commemorative album to celebrate its success.

The album will feature seven previously released OST songs, including Han Dong-geun's "Such a Person," which opened the first OST, Kim Jun-hwi's "On a Remote Road," Sondia's "My Day," KATIE's "Where Are You," Soran Go Young-bae's "I Remember This Moment," Heo Gak's "You Under the Sky," Safira.K's "You Under the Sky (ENG Ver.)," and various BGMs.

Since its premiere in April, "Undercover" has been releasing OST songs every week featuring talented singers with strong vocal abilities and personalities. In addition, the drama has been loved for its suspenseful storyline and the passionate performances of outstanding actors such as Ji Jin-hee, Kim Hyun-joo, Heo Joon-ho, and Jung Man-sik.

This album is filled with OST songs that have accompanied the intense moments of the drama and will be a special and precious gift for fans who have loved 'Undercover'.

■ Product composition

Pages: 60P

Dimensions: 185 x 228 x 15 (mm)

CD: 1


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