Moon Byul - Starlit of Muse (Museum version) (1st Album)
    • Moon Byul - Starlit of Muse (Museum version) (1st Album)

    Moon Byul - Starlit of Muse (Museum version) (1st Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.02.21

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 20

    Option: NO Poster

    Moon Byul - Starlit of Muse (Museum version) (1st Album)

    Moon Byul (Moon Byul) 1st Full Album [Starlit of Muse]

    'Starlit of Muse', a feast of brilliant starlight

    Moon Byul's first full album [Starlit of Muse], which she confidently presented as a '21st century muse', is called 'Starlit of Muse', which means 'the work (starlight) completed by Moon Byul (the muse)'. Like the starlight that embroiders the night sky, Moon Byul, an artist who will forever shine with her own existence, unleashes the works she has been working on for a long time with this album.

    The KEYword of this work, 'Muse', means 'an inspiring being or power' and represents Moonbyul, the muse herself. Nine muses from each field of Greco-Roman mythology are projected as colorful figures within a moon star, which soon becomes a single muse, 'Moon Star'.

    In addition to the concept film, which features a colorful and dreamy visual aesthetic, the album concept was further enhanced with unique teasing contents, such as a special exhibition where the theme of the album could be felt, and a HIGHLIGHT medley content in the form of a music docent explaining the songs by Moonbyul herself.

    For the first time in her solo album, Moonbyul has a double title track, showing her distinctIVE personality that only she can handle. The first title track, "Think About," depicts the feeling of wanting to be with someone who keeps coming back to you and wanting to be with you anywhere with an addictIVE melody and lyrics, and the strings that accompany Moon Byul's cool vocals create a cozy feeling of excitement. The second title track "TOUCHIN&MOVIN" is a song that convinces you that you can 'TOUCHIN' and 'MOVIN' your heart with just a funky guitar and brass, a bold touch. The song is a combination of several genres, giving you a variety of charm every time you listen to it, and the powerful and sophisticated performance captures Moonbyul's energy.

    The full-length album [Starlit of Muse] contains a total of 12 songs, including a double title track (Think About, TOUCHIN&MOVIN) and two of Moonbyul's original songs (Like a Fool, Such a Night (After Sunset)), and demonstrates Moonbyul's wide range of musical abilities.

    * Album Specifications

    - OUTBOX : 225*160 (mm) / 1EA

    - POST CARD : 100*150 (mm) / Insert 1 random out of 4 types

    - STICKER : 120*150 (mm) / 1 type inserted

    - POP-UP CARD : 100*150 (mm) / Insert 1 random 1 of 2 types

    - PHOTO DARD : 55*85 (mm) / Insert 1 random out of 5 types

    - PHOTOBOOK : 148*210 (mm) / 80p / 1 type

    - CD-R : 118*118 (mm) / 1 type

    - TICKET : 180*70 (mm) / 1 type inserted

    - LYRICS LEAFLET : 90*180 (mm) / 1 insert

    - Initial Limited POSTER : 405*610 (mm) / 1 randomly selected from 4 types (Same image as Limited ver. and Photobook ver.)


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