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HWA SA - Guilty Pleasure (Single Album)
  • HWA SA - Guilty Pleasure (Single Album)

HWA SA - Guilty Pleasure (Single Album)

Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: 2021.11.25

Format: CD

Number of DiscS: 1

Weight: 28

Option: NO Poster

HWA SA - Guilty Pleasure (Single Album)

HWA SA Guilty Pleasure

Hwa Sa, the protagonist of the #MariaChallenge, who swept the domestic and international music charts with her first mini-album and title track "Maria" in June 2020, as well as over 1.8 billion views on a single platform, is ready to shake up the world once again with her second single album, "Guilty Pleasure," about a year and fIVE months later.

The dictionary meaning of the album title "Guilty Pleasure" is "something that is embarrassing to talk about or even feel to oneself, but nevertheless enJOYable to do. The idea is that you feel a proportional amount of happiness along with a sense of guilt, however small it may be, which is actually instinctual. It's not a natural or rational way of coping, of course, but it can be a stimulant that's hard to resist sometimes.

The title track, "I'm a Light (I'm a B)," is the first collaboration with a foreign producer, and it's a trendy sound that spreads freely over a heavy bassline. The addictIVE hook and Hwasa's signature, groovy voice feel like a well-organized pattern within that freedom. In this song, Hwasa talks about a point in her life where she was so immersed in her desire to be harder and more perfect that she cast shadows around her like a spotlight, but then, bam, she let go and let herself go completely, swallowing up the shadows and becoming a very big, imposing beetle.

Each of the goals I've tried to achieve in the pursuit of perfection has abused me and destabilized my life, so even though I've gotten a little closer to that goal, I still feel a deep sense of emptiness, but the pleasures along the way make me feel alIVE and happy.

Not the instinctIVE repulsion of my last teenage years, when I did as I pleased like a frog,

HWA SA is back to her sweet, reasoned, real light.

To do or not to do, to cross the line or not to cross the line

Once we overcome the prohibitions, we can become more free.

Don't fear nothing. I'll be your light!

* Album Specifications

- PHOTO BOOK : 210x297mm / 160p

- STICKER : 200x287mm / 1 insert

- CD-R : 118X118mm / 1 insert

- PHOTO PRINT : 102X152mm / Random insertion of 1 out of 4 types

- MESSAGE CARD : 60x88mm / 1 type inserted

- COOKIE CARTOON : 148x210mm / 8p / 1 inserted

- LOGO STICKER : 110x50mm / Insert 1 type

- NAPKIN : 110X115mm / 1 piece inserted

- PHOTO CARD : 55x85mm / Random insertion of 1 out of 10 types

- POSTER : 405x610mm / 1 of 5 types randomly included


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