Choi Yena - Good Morning (PLVE, GOOD MORNING version) (3rd Mini Album)
    • Choi Yena - Good Morning (PLVE, GOOD MORNING version) (3rd Mini Album)

    Choi Yena - Good Morning (PLVE, GOOD MORNING version) (3rd Mini Album)

    Label: Stone Music Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.01.16

    Weight: 4


    Choi Yena - Good Morning (PLVE, GOOD MORNING version) (3rd Mini Album)


    1. Good Morning **Title

    2. Good Girls in the Dark

    3. Damn U

    4. 미운 오리 새끼

    i hope you ever good morning. the sun is up, today is a new day!

    I hope you ever have a good morning. The sun is up, today is a brand new day!

    - Good morning! Hopeful energy from NEW Morning Angel YENA (Choi Yena)

    YENA, a representatIVE all-rounder in the music industry, is releasing her first new album in about seven months.

    Through this album, YENA not only challenged various genres of music, but also told a sincere and autobiographical story.

    and focused on delIVEring a message of hope and comfort to listeners.

    The title track of YENA's third mini album, GOOD MORNING, "Good Morning," is a song with a hopeful and fresh message that says, "Let's shake off yesterday's troubles and tomorrow's worries and welcome a good morning. Through 'Good Morning', YENA challenges the Neon Pop Punk / AlternatIVE Rock genre based on the intense band sound and continues to grow without limits.

    Adding to this is the track 'Good Girls in the Dark', which will show the essence of YENA's performance. "Good Girls in the Dark" was created in collaboration with the irreplaceable energy performance crew "Turns," led by the current choreographer of the Coreo scene, Jonaina, to create a performance like a work of art. The lyrics expressing the feelings of a girl in a crumbling relationship and the mysterious melody add to the anticipation of the song.

    It is impressIVE that she tried not to lose sight of both 'message' and 'emotion' by placing 'Damn U', a song about a girl who wants to show her heart, and 'Ugly Duckling', an autobiographical story, one after another.

    YENA, who is loved all over the world beyond Korea and Japan, has captured her sincere inner story with the confidence of showing the 'YENA genre' through this album. Let's listen to YENA's new album that will gIVE listeners a 'Good Morning'.


    - OUT BOX 73X105mm / 1ea 2VER.

    - IMAGE CARD 55x85mm / 1ea 2VER.

    - PHOTOCARD 55x85mm / 1ea of 8ea Random 2VER.

    - STICKER 55x85 / 1ea 2VER.


    (ONLY PLVE app)

    - DIGITAL PHOTOCARD 1ea of 8eaRandom 2VER.


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