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What is this packaging?!!
So I received my album today. I just want to say this first, I love Roy. I really do. I have all of his albums. My problem isn't with the songs, it's with this stupid packaging! First, it comes in an E.N.V.E.L.O.P.E, so when I got through the extensive bubble wrap that catchop is known for (which I am usually grateful for) it was bent! Why? Because it's just a big paper envelope. It has a pretty sticker on the back where the flap to open it is. Guess what? You have to rip through that to get to the actual contents! What?! THEN you get to the inside and the CD is in a folder itself and the "photobook" is actually a CALENDAR which is cool and all, but they are not even stuck together! They are like big individual post cards! Also, because I opened it, There is now no way to close it and keep the contents safe! So now I have to buy a Velcro strip to put on the thing so that the calendar inside safe! I mean it's just card stock so one speck of dirt and you're done for. Personally I'm thinking of laminating them for an extra precaution. All in all, unless you're a big Roy Kim fan like me, or unless you REALLY like these songs, I would just skip on this one.
This review has been posted for Roy Kim - 2018 Single Album
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