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The vocal queens are back!
Not as vocal-oriented as before though, but this release is still *very* good. I would say that 'Falling In Love' is just as good as their title track, 'Don't Believe. Falling In Love is a rather unique song with an addictive beat. It's also the most vocal-oriented song on the album, comparable to the highly acclaimed 'Angel' even I would say. I quite like 'Sugar Sugar' as well. It's a light and sweet song, displaying the progression from 'liking someone' to 'loving someone' as you'll hear from the lyrics. '1 to 10' is a nice song, but I can't get over the fact that the instrumental is really rather noisy. It's simply too noisy for my taste and because of that I don't tend to listen it much. The title track, 'Don't Believe', is the only track that truly stands out from their older releases, I would say, although 'Falling In Love' does so a bit as well. 'Don't Believe' really does away with the cuteness and has them singing about relationship trouble rather than just the positives. The album also features the instrumental of the title track, which is quite nice to be honest.
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