Satoshi Takebe - Fromt the Hill Kokuriko CD

Satoshi Takebe - Fromt the Hill Kokuriko CD


Label: Ponycanyon KR

Date: 2011.09

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 4

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1.Sunrise - The Breakfast Song (Vocals by Aoi Teshima)
2.Off to School in the Morning
3.A Big Commotion
5.Fickle as the Weather
6.The Latin Quarter
7.The Editing Room in Sunset
8.Ue wo Muite Aruko (Vocals by Kyu Sakamoto)
9.The Flags in the Painting
10.When the White Flower Blossomed (Choir)
11.First Love (Vocals by Aoi Teshima)
12.The Party
13.Red River Valley (Choir)
14.Signal Flags
15.The Canal at Dusk
16.The Big Cleanup
17.Looking Back
18.Walking Home in the Rain
19.A Dream
20.Stand United
21.The Escape
22.The Leaden Sea
23.A Confession
24.Mother - Young Love
25.The Reunion
26.Welcome to the Latin Quarter
27.The Indigo Waves (Choir)
28.Racing Towards a New Day
29.Summer of Farewells - From Up On Poppy Hill - (Vocals by Aoi Teshima)


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