White Cloud - White Cloud Mini LP CD

White Cloud - White Cloud Mini LP CD


Label: Big Pink

Date: 2018.06

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 2

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01. All Cried Out
02. Hound Dog
03. Hoe-Bus
04. Is That Somebody You
05. Rocky Roads To Clear
06. Qualified
07. Collection Box
08. Funky Bottom Congregation
09. Thanks For Nothin'
10. The Sun Don't Shine The Same

White Cloud was a short lived band consists of six musicians including legendary Thomas Jefferson Kaye (guitar & vo), Joanne Vent (lead vo), Richard Crooks (per), Teddy Wender (key & vo) Kenneth Kosek (fiddle & vo) and Donald Payne (bass). They released self titled sole album which contains fantastic folk, country and blues tracks which all worth listening to. First release on CD.


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