Famous Jug Band - Chameleon Mini LP CD

Famous Jug Band - Chameleon Mini LP CD


Label: Big Pink

Date: 2018.04

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 2

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01. God Knows
02. Farmyard Girl
03. Deep Minor Rhythm
04. A Taste Of Salt
05. No Love For The Lady
06. The Golden Years
07. Tomorrow Is The Time
08. The Road
09. Here Comes The Dawn
10. Would You Believe
11. Harvest Song
12. Where Are You Now
13. Medley:
Rabbit Heels

Chameleon is the band's 2nd album of their career after Clive Palmer's departure. They became a trio yet still beautiful and solid. Nice vocal harmonies well mingled with acoustic instruments. First release on CD.