Ricotti & Albuquerque - First Wind Mini LP CD

Ricotti & Albuquerque - First Wind Mini LP CD


Label: Big Pink

Date: 2018.04

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 2

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01. Ratsa (Don't Know Why)
02. Lo And Behold
03. Go Out And Get It
04. Don't You Believe Me?
05. New York Windy Day
06. Bobo's Party
07. Didn't Wanna Have To Do It
08. Old Ben Houston
09. The Wind Has No Love
10. Give A Damn

UK's top jazz vibe player Frank Ricotti's 2nd solo album in 1971. He co-worked with Michael Albuquerque (vocal & guitar) along with John Taylor (keyboard), Chris Lawrence (bass) and Trevor Thompkins (drums). Overall, the album is pretty nice jazz sounding rock album with occasional horn back ups. First release on CD.