Sale! Makai - Garden CD

Makai - Garden CD


Label: Sony BMG Kr

Date: 2008.04

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 4

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1. Message (feat.Wise) 
2. Garden Of Love (feat.靑山テルマ) 
3. Can't You Feel? (feat.Yuka from Moumoon) 
4. Love So Bright (feat.Ryohei) 
5. Breakout (feat.Mary -Original Mix-) 
6. Move Your Feelings Ver 2.0 (feat.Samantha Nelson) 
7. Sunrise (feat.Samantha Nelson -Sugiurumn Remix-) 
8. New Day (feat.Arvin Homa Aya -SH Club Mix-) 
9. In The World (feat.Wise)


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