The Quiett - Q Day Remixes CD

The Quiett - Q Day Remixes CD



Label: Genie Music

Date: 2019.04

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 3

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1. 주황색 Remix (with pH-1 & Kid Milli)
2. 한강 gang remix (with Coogie, SUPERBEE, ZENE THE ZILLA & 장석훈)
3. f*k all that shit remix (with Futuristic Swaver, ASH ISLAND & BRADYSTREET)
4. Money Over Bullshit Remix (with Sik-K, SUPERBEE & CHANGMO)
5. Wanna Remix (with Leellamarz)
6. 귀감 remix (with Swings, Paloalto & ZENE THE ZILLA)
7. Prime Time Remix (with ODEE, CHANGMO, Hash Swan & Dok2)