Giriboy - 4th Album: Graduation CD

Giriboy - 4th Album: Graduation CD



Label: Loen Entertainment KR
Date: 2017.12
Format: CD
Number of Discs: 1
Weight: 7

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1. 우주정복 (Prod. By Louie Lastic) (Feat. OLNL)
2. 졸업 (Prod. By Fisherman) (Feat. 죠지)
3. 내가너를사랑하지않는다는것은망할너의친구들의아이디어같아 (Prod. By Coa White) (Feat. 김승민)
4. 인체의신비 (Prod. By dnss)
5. wewantourmoneyback (Prod. By Lemac) (Feat. Young B, Kid Milli)
6. 입씨름 (Prod. By Cosmicboy) (Feat. Sik-K)
7. 히키코모리 (Prod. By GroovyRoom)
8. yougottheswag (Prod. By dnss)
9. vv (Prod. By Coa White) (Feat. OLNL, 최엘비)
10. 바보상자스타 (Prod. By Minit) (Feat. 김승민)
11. 고속 (Prod. By Big Pie)
12. 섞어 (Prod. By Cosmicboy) (Feat. 최엘비)
13. 농밀 (Prod. By Fisherman) (Feat. 매드클라운, OLNL, 한요한)
14. 우주 (Cosmicboy Remix)
15. 암인 (yunji Remix)


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