Tablo (Epik High) - 1st Album CD

Tablo (Epik High) - 1st Album CD

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Label: YG Entertainment Kr

Date: 2011.11

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 6

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1. 집 (feat. 이소라)
2. 나쁘다 (feat. 진실)
3. Airbag (feat. 나얼)
4. 밀물 (Scratch by DJ Friz)
5. 밑바닥에서 (feat Bumkey)
6. Tomorrow (feat. 태양)
7. 출처 (Scratch by DJ Tukutz) 
8. Dear TV / 해열
9. 고마운 숨 (feat. 얀키, 봉태규)
10. 유통기한


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