Sale! Toshinobu Kubota - Love & Rain ~Long Songs~ CD

Toshinobu Kubota - Love & Rain ~Long Songs~ CD


Label: Sony BMG Kr

Date: 2010.12

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 4

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1. LOVE RAIN~恋の雨(Koino Ame/사랑의 비) ~(松尾 潔リミックス)[마츠오 키요시 리믹스]
2. Always Remain
3. Missing ~2010カラット(Carat / 캐럿)~ 
4. 雨音 (Amaoto / 빗소리)(in your face vocal)
5. Hold Me Down featuring Angie Stone
6. 朝陽の中で微笑んで (Asahinonakade Hohoende / 아침햇살 속에서 미소 지어 줘) 
7. Riding to the Sight
9. a love story (Bond Street ver.)
10. It’s Time to Smile
11. Candy Rain
12. Our Christmas
13. LOVE RAIN~恋の雨(Koino Ame/사랑의 비)~
14. LA LA LA Love Song ~Midnight Piano Version~


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