Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim OST CD (SBS TV Drama)

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim OST CD (SBS TV Drama)



Label: CJ E&M KR
Date: 2017.01
Format: CD
Number of Discs: 1
Weight: 5

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1. Romantic Doctor (Opening Tiltle) Various Artists
2. 언제나 괜찮아 신용재
3. 걷고, 걷고 (New Ver.) 전인권
4. 그대라서 이현
5. Forever Love 해빈(구구단)
6. Mellow (Drama Ver.) 데이브레이크
7. 오늘은 어제보다 괜찮았지 이석훈
8. 제자리 젊은이
9. Western Humanism Various Artists
10. Lie Various Artists
11. Rocking hotshot Various Artists
12. Fresh morning Various Artists
13. I am Not Various Artists
14. Doctor Blues Various Artists
15. Time of wrath Various Artists
16. Little more cheer up Various Artists
17. Tension Around Various Artists
18. I miss you Various Artists
19. Met you again Various Artists
20. Hope of hospital Various Artists
21. Doctor kim sa boo (Ending Title) Various Artists



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