1. What countries do you ship to?

We are located in Korea and ship to most countries in the world.
You can check our ship list through the sign-in page.
If your country isn't in the ship list, you can use place an order via Korean proxy sites instead.

2. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal and credit card payments.

Because of Paypal's policy updates, we will charge 5.0% additional handling fees for Paypal payments.
(Effective in March 2020, No additional charge for Credit Card payments)

*Debit or Prepaid cards are not accepted when choosing Credit Card as the payment option.

3. How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?

It depends on buyers’ locations and chosen shipping options.
We normally ship orders within 2 business days and contact buyers if it takes longer.

Please note our job is limited to dispatching items through shipping options buyers choose, and we can’t prevent or predict any delay caused by destination countries’ customs office or post office.
If you need faster shipping, choose the faster shipping option instead of demanding us faster shipping.

Click on the following link for details.


4. What currencies do you accept?

All our items are priced in USD. If your Paypal account or credit card is billed in another currency, your payment will be converted to that currency according to the exchange rate.


5. Can I request a specific version?

If what you want is what we have in stock, we can send that version.
We can't keep all versions all the time, so if you'd like to know what versions we have in stock, please contact us before placing an order.
You can request a specific version by leaving a request message when ordering.

6. Can you undervalue my order or mark it as a gift?

For this issue, please contact us for details.


7. Will I pay taxes when receiving my order?

Customs policies vary from country to country, so we can't tell whether there will be additional import taxes or not.
Please be prepared to pay the possible customs duty your country might charge. 
We are not and can not be responsible for what your country charges. 

8. Do your products come with photobook, photocard, poster, etc?

All our items are brand new and come with what they are supposed to have in them.
If you’d like to see what’s inside in the items, please take a look at youtube unboxing videos.
We didn't use to sell posters, but now we sell newer albums with the folded poster option.

9. Do you accept pre-orders?

No, we only sell what we currently have in stock.
All newly released items are normally added on their release date, and our first stocked copies, till they are sold out, come with pre-order benefits.
You can check upcoming items here, and these items will be available  on their release dates.


10. Why is my credit card payment declined?

Credit card payments fail mostly when the card isn't eligible for 3D authentication or foreign transactions.
Please contact the card issuer for further information.

11. Do you offer any discount for bulk orders?

We offer discount prices based on our membership program as well as combined shipping but don't offer a discount for bulk orders.
Please click on the following link for details.


12. Why don't I receive any emails from your website?

If you're using Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, please try to use another email service because they seem to be rejecting our emails.
If not, check your spam folder.

13. Can you send me a free gift along with my order?

We don't offer any free gift on our website. Do not ask us to send anything else other than ordered items for free.
Doing so will only cause unexpected delay or cancellation.

14. How often do you restock your products?

Our inventories are updated daily, but this doesn't necessarily mean any sold-out items are back in stock in a day.
We might not be able to restock some items that are no longer in print.

15. My order has just been placed, but I can't find any tracking number. Why?

Tracking numbers are numbers given to packages when they are shipped, not when orders are placed.
There is no tracking number when there is no package to track yet.

16. Do you take wholesale orders?

No, we only deal with a B2C platform. 

17. Do my orders count to the Korean music charts?

Yes, all our sales are reported to Hanteo and Circle (Gaon).

18. Why was my account deleted?

We mostly delete or ban accounts for the following reasons.

-The user requests for the account to be closed.

-The user opens a chargeback case FOR ANY REASON or threatens us.

-The user creates multiple accounts to order limited items more than the allowed quantity.

-The user's account is related to other banned accounts.

-Other behavior that causes damage to our business.

Banned accounts won't be enabled again even in case any issues are settled in our favor or closed on the way, but if you believe there has been any misunderstanding regarding your account, please contact us at [email protected].