The K2 OST CD (tvN TV Drama)

The K2 OST CD (tvN TV Drama)



Label: CJ E&M KR
Date: 2016.11
Format: CD
Number of Discs: 1
Weight: 6

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1.The K2 main theme - Various Artists
2.오늘도 - 김보형(스피카)
3.아주 가끔 - 유성은
4.Amazing Grace - 윤아(YOONA)
5.Love you - 민경훈(버즈)
6.시간이 멈춤듯 - 박광선
7.Anemone - 잔
8.The Witch and the Girl - Various Artists
9.Mirror Mirror - 양선미
10.Wolf Knight - 양선미
11.Quando Corpus Morietur - Various Artists
12.Wolf's Song - 양선미
13.Serenade - 양선미
14.Witching Hour - Various Artists
15.The Witch's Advice - 김민영
16.Der Rosenkavalier - Various Artists
17.Against the Odds - Various Artists
18.A queen of the forest - Various Artists
19.Anna's Appassionata - Various Artists
20.Anemone - 양선미


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