Dok2 + The Quiett - Reborn + Millionaire Poetry 2CD

Dok2 + The Quiett - Reborn + Millionaire Poetry 2CD



Label: CJ E&M KR
Date: 2017.06
Format: CD
Number of Discs: 1
Weight: 5

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Dok2 - Reborn (CD Ver.)

01. Reborn
02. Ambition and Vision (Feat. Beenzino, 창모, 김효은, Hash Swan, The Quiett)
03. Rollercoaster (Feat. 조원선)
04. Hiphop Lover
05. Plus 82 (Feat. Bryan Cha$e)
06. WTF (who the fuck)
07. 워럽 (Feat. 김효은)
08. In My Whip (Feat. Jay Park, Superbee, The Quiett)
09. On&On (Feat. 이하이)
10. Money Dance(bonus track) (Feat. B-Free, Bryan Cha$e, Okasian)
11. 1LL Recognize 1LL (Bonus Track)
12. Beverly 1lls Remix (Feat. The Quiett) (Bonus Track)
13. 1llusion Remix (Feat. The Quiett, 김효은, CHANGMO, Hash Swan) (Bonus Track)

The Quiett - Millionaire Poetry

01. Prime Time
02. Still Got Luv (Feat. 김효은)
03. THE 1LLEST (Feat. Jessi)
04. Girlfriend (Feat. 김효은)
05. Stay Alive (Feat. Dok2 & Hash Swan)
06. Money Over Bullshit
07. M ON IT (Feat. Dok2 & Beenzino)
08. Beautiful Life II (Feat. Hash Swan)
09. Light (Feat. 백예린)
10. My Last Song
11. U Everything
12. Money On The Floor (Feat. Don Mills & CHANGMO)
13. Money Over Bullshit Remix (Feat. Sik-K, Superbee & CHANGMO) (CD Only)

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