MC Mong - 7th Album: U.F.O CD

MC Mong - 7th Album: U.F.O CD



Label: Loen Entertainment KR
Date: 2016.11
Format: CD
Number of Discs: 1
Weight: 6

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1. 블랙홀
2. 널 너무 사랑해서
3. 눈물
4. 초콜릿같은 입술 한 숟가락만 줘요
5. And you
6. 꽃
7. 케미
8. U.F.O (CD Only)
9. 아무것도 못하겠어
10. Show’s just begun (Tak Mashup)
11. 새벽에 띠리링
12. 블랙홀 (Inst.)
13. 널 너무 사랑해서 (Inst.)

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