Sale! Yuhki Kuramoto - Piano Affection (Memory Of Love) CD

Yuhki Kuramoto - Piano Affection (Memory Of Love) CD


Label: C&L Music Kr

Date: 2009.06

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 4

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1. Everlasting Gentle Thought 
2. Memory Of Love (New Version) 
3. Salut D'Amour (Edward Elgar) 
4. Staendchen (Franz Schubert) 
5. Starts Like A Daydream 
6. Soothing By Plucking Heartstrings 
7. Feeling Sorrow 
8. Lake Louise (New Version) 
9. Invitation To Sweet Dream (New Version) 
10. Late Summer (New Version) 
11. Lane Sprinkled With Stardust 
12. Virgin Road (New Version) 
13. I Suppose Flowers Will Fall Down 
14. Second Romance (New Version)


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