Sale! Boom Boom Satellites - 1997 - 2007 (2CD)

Boom Boom Satellites - 1997 - 2007 (2CD)


Label: Sony BMG Kr

Date: 2010.02

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

Weight: 7

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1. Kick It Out (*닛산 X-TRAIL CM/구리코 「워터링 키스민트」CM) 
2. What Goes Round Comes Around (*US 자동차 DODGE 브랜드 CM) 
3. Looking Glass 
4. Pill (*메나도 쥬피에르 립스틱 CM) 
5. Morning After (* HONDA「에어 웨이브」 CM) 
6. Light My Fire 
7. Let It All Come Down 
8. 40-forty- 
9. Girl (*영화「DEATH NOTE」트레일러 송) 
10. Moment I Count (*i river 기업 CM) 
11. On The Painted Desert (*VOLVO, JUGGER CM) 
12. Intergalactic 
13. Soliloquy 
14. Panacea 
15. Stride 

1. Easy Action (*영화 「백실」삽입곡) 
2. Shut Up And Explode (*플레이스테이션 선공개 애니메이션「망념의 잠드」오프닝) 
3. Id 
4. Push Eject 
5. Joyride (*영국 음악지 NME「SINGLE OF THE WEEK」획득 곡) 
6. Your Reality`s A Fantasy But Your Fantasy Is Killing Me(Featuring CHUCK D)
7. Brandnew Battering Ram 
8. Dress Like An Angel 
9. Scatterin` Monkey (*영화 「The Dark Knight(다크 나이트)」「YAMAKASI」「PING☆PONG」삽입곡)
10. Rise And Fall 
11. Dive For You (*영화「APPLESEED」주제가) 
12. Propeller 
13. Anthem 
14. Ingrained 
15. Echo Tail

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