Sale! Bokudake no Madonna ...and I Love Her OST CD

Bokudake no Madonna ...and I Love Her OST CD


Label: Ponycanyon KR

Date: 2005.06

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 4

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1. ...And I Love Her. (Summer Sunset Version) 
2. 淚の海で抱かれたい~sea Of Love~ (Piano Version) / 눈물의 바다에 안기고 싶어 
3. Brooklyn Heights 
4. Candy 
5. Ever Green (Piano Version) 
6. ...And I Love Her. 
7. Tenderly 
8. Angel 
9. Ever Green (Tears Rolling Down Version) 
10. Professor 
11. Bitter Sweet 
12. Don't Give It Up (Featuring Rie) *영어 가창곡 
13. ...And I Love Her. (Hearty Love Version) 
14. Well, I'll Be Tied (Featuring Kumiko) *영어 가창곡 
15. Run in the rain 
16. Aida (Triumphal March) 
17. Brooklyn Heights (Piano Version) 
18. Ever Green (Goodnight“kyon”version)


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