Mocca - Happy! (Digipak) CD

Mocca - Happy! (Digipak) CD


Label: Beatball

Date: 2011.03

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 3

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1. I Remember 
2. I Think I'm in Love 
3. I Love You Anyway 
4. My Only One 
5. Life Keeps on Turning 
6. You Don't Even Know Me 
7. Do What You Wanna Do 
8. Me and My Boyfriend 
9. Sing (The Carpenters cover) 
10. Buddy Zeus 
11. Sunday Afternoon 
12. I Will (The Beatles cover) 
13. The Best Thing 
14. The Object of My Affection 
15. Happy! 
16. Bundle of Joy (Korea Bonus Track) 


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